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October 26, 2007, 2:36 pm
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” I love going to school and getting an education ”

Have you ever heard that come out of a student’s mouth and not be kidding around?  Puh-lease, most American students ” hate ” school.  They ” hate ” to wake up early.  They ” hate ” the classes.  They ” hate ” the teachers. They ” hate ” the homework.  They just spend all of their time “hating” school while people on the other side of the world would give their right arm to be able to go and have the opportunity to learn and be successful.

children cannot afford to go to school so they learn any way they can

While kids in countries filled with poverty and horrible economic situations die from diseases, we Americans sit over here in our nice modern, air-conditioned schools and complain. ” The temperature is too high.”  ” The teachers are too hard on us.”  ” Why can’t we listen to our Ipods in class?”  ” Are you serious? We have to walk that far to lunch? ”

American students have adopted to a way of life that is easy for them and if they feel as though something is hard then they complain.  Some don’t even do this. Instead they drop out.  They may complain for a while or they may see how it is for the first day and think ” I’m not doing this and no one can make me. ”  They do not think about the kids that don’t have opportunities like school or even school lunches.  They just say ” I Quit ” and go home. The bad thing is that the rates of drop outs are increasing.

In 2005, 9.4% 0f  United States students between the ages of 16 – 24 dropped out of school and it was not because the work was actually too hard, for 9 out of 10 had passing grades when they left.  In 2006, in Nevada over 11% of students between the ages of 16 – 24 dropped out of school and the rates continue to get higher.

Yet in South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda children are dropping out of school because they have AIDS.  They want to go to school but they are physically unable to. 

What does this say about students in America?  Why are we so immune to what we have and only see what we want?  When will out attendance rates go up and our drop out rates go down?  There are many questions you could ask yourself but the main question is

Are You Going To School Tomorrow?


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What an excellent observation. It is funny, because in my experience those that enjoy and take advantage of education are the ones that have success in life. Those that drop out or ” h a t e ” school now are often the ones that later in life “h a t e” working at Burger King,”h a t e” being incarcerated. I hope that you embrace the gift of education.

Comment by daughet

True very True daughet, i’m a 16 year old asian male who is a junior at EGHS with a 3.8 gpa ^_^. I already got a job that helped me save up enough money for a car lol. “H a t e” is a strong word but a very true one, if u hate school the chance is you won’t end up in a good life.

Comment by djvietb0i

yeah i agree w/ djvietb0i

idk if my gpa is extremely high or not, but i try to work hard in school and i try to treat my education as a privilege….kudos to what ever genius wrote this

Comment by skippidee

i guess i like school….
i dint like getting up early tho…
i cnt pay attionsion if im sleepy……
not my fault…

Comment by smilelikeyoumeanit!!!

I think Americans hate school is because were immuned to this everyday life,they just get tired of going to school and doing the same thing everyday.But me I love going to school im not going to be a drop out and work at McDonalds.

Comment by kyle

Yes, it is true that American students do not take school seriously. We are spoiled. We rather be lazy than to do something worthy. It is quicker to hustle than to learn. I come to school because I am forced. However, you should come to school because it is for yourself and for your own good. Because at the end of the day you have to live with yourself and your decision. Because with education the door is a lot wider than closed and opportunities are in your favor because of the open door. American students go to school and stay in school!

Comment by Ms. Carter's Strategic Reading 2nd block

Yes, the writer is correct. If we are in school, why should we care about the dropout rate. It is their life. The USA use to be the top in education but now China has gone pass us because we play around and we do not take education seriously. There are some American students that do take education serious. We go to school because the law makes up go. However, I do not want to be on the block begging for money.

Comment by Ms. Carter's Strategic Reading 4th block

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