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I Do It For My Hood!! (The Controversy Over Gang Banging) by skippidee
October 31, 2007, 2:05 am
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OK. We have a crisis here. It’s an issue at our schools in our neighborhoods, and in our communities. The issue is a little thing called gangs. Unless you live under some sort of rock, then you know what I am talking about. I mean all the time now, you walk out of your third period class (or pod in our case) and you turn around to see some dummy yelling: “BLLLAAATTT!!!”. Or even something like: “BK ALL DAY!!!”. OK, if I did not know any better and i heard someone screaming blllatt, i would have thought they were puking on the side walk. Or if I did not know any better and I heard someone yelling BK all day I would have thought they were talking about eating at a greasy fast food restaurant. UNFORTUNATELY that is not our case. Oh no, they are certainly not throwing up Burger King Double Whoppers, they are trying to act cool, and be tough guys trying to represent their “hood”. You see in my opinion all these gangs are is a bunch of guys with baggy pants running around trying to get attention by fighting over the colors of their bandannas in their back pockets. Sounds dumb huh? Well these gang bangers are the cause of many crimes such as robbery and abuse. Also, all of these dumb gangs are the cause of tons of people getting injured, or even killed. Yes it’s an unfortunate thing that INNOCENT people die over the colors of a flag or bandanna. Hey here’s a thought, I bet that out of all of these supposedly bad “G’s” running around, about 99% of them would not go out and fight for the colors of a flag worth fighting for, RED WHITE AND BLUE. Oh yes they might be the toughest guys on the block, but most of them are probably scared to go fight in a real war. So yeah I’m talking to all of you gangsters, how about y’all step it up a notch or two and go fight for your country, not your little hood in the suburbs. I mean If you really want to “bust a cap” in someone then go join the military, and learn the proper way to handle a fire arm. Also, I think that it is sickening that these gangs are branching out so fast, that there are kids out there at the tender age of 7 years old learning how to “throw up” east side hand signals. That right there proves that gang banging is now not just an after school event, it’s becoming an entirely new kind of life-style. That’s just not right. So in conclusion if you ask me, I think that gang banging is stupid, and in-humane. We have to stop this. If we don’t our already screwed up world is going to become even darker, filled with more hatred and a lot more . But, one person can’t stop this awful crime alone.

Does anyone agree with me?


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I agree because half of the people throwing up gang signs are tryin to be gangster but all of them are not. I can admit that some people will kill because of their hood but it is really dumb. I feel that there should just be no in this world. I also feel that when some people say that they do not gang bang , and they just rep, they might as well gang bang because it is just as bad.

Comment by brittneyw

I agree.I think it’s childish, these people are just doing it to impress gilr’s or best friends.If you wonna impress your friends try sports or academics, excell in school not gang banging!

Comment by kyle

i agree but also disagree because the military is doing the same thing as all these gangs.fighting a fight that shouldnt be fought. maybe the ‘gangsters’ think its o.k. because the government think wars are o.k. we got 1 leader who says this guy is bad and these other people in the government agrees and the news agrees then the story gets twisted so that the people of america agrees but in reality the people dont know that kids in other countrys are getting in the middle of all this and are growing up hating america. same thing is happening on the streets everyday. some poor kid sees his friend or family member get killed and the only explaination is the color of his shirt and the street he says he lives on.

Comment by melody halpin

i strongly disagree,it seems to me that none of you (whom have commented before me) have actually been to the “other side of the tracks”…you see the imitation of “real g’s” people who think its a game,most of the former gang members (including myself werent seen throwing up signs and yelling “BK ALL DAY” no…we were trying to survive,by “clicking up” to protect ourselves from the “real gangs”…i dont expect any of you to understand or shed a tear for a sob story i just want to educate,the kids you see in school are “actors” imitating what they’ve seen or heard about from other ppl,send them to the “real hood” i bet it straightens them out,either way it seems to me that its more a fad for these ppl then then a life style,because when you live it its not something yur proud of or wish for someome else its something you survive

Comment by jesse

i’m with you. people throw up gangs signs like they never meant anything anymore. (the article was hilarious)

Comment by Ari

i disagree if youve lived in the real hood like were i lived its something your not proud o say your from you suburban people are just mis educating the minds of many people and you cant just go and join the military so think about when you see these kids in your scool throwing up gang signs they dont know any better how bout if you really think this go and educate them about what you think and see what they think talking is the answer

Comment by sean

yes i do agree because there are kids getting killed over gang banging and thats not cool at all.

Comment by dartainea

Yes, I agree. It’s not right that people waste their lives on idiotic gangs. Probably getting so caught up that education and life are the last thing on their minds. It’s all about “repping”. Chhehh! Maybe we’re stereotyping, maybe not all gangs are the same, but that’s only one less. One from hundreds!

Comment by specialkay18

We all agree except for 3 students. Gang banging depends on how and where you are raised. Gang banging is wrong. If it is not in your heart, it will show that you are not a true gang bangger. How ever they should put more efforts in giving love than destroying love or shooting or killing someone’s love one.

Comment by Ms. Carter's Strategic Reading class

Ms. Carter’s second block class does agree with the writer. There is no point of an 8 year old going to a random house shooting to get respect. The gang banging is pointless. Get a life not destroy a life. You may end up somewhere you do not want to be and your “homies” are not going to be there. So, then what you gonna do?

Comment by Ms. Carter's Strategic Reading 2nd

Ms. Carter’s 4th period disagree with the writer. In a gang it is like a second family to you. Sometimes the leader or the boss looks out for you. Being in the gang is the same thing is having a title but it is still in real life because you do the same thing like fighting and getting jump like being in a gang. Gangs are not built to destroy they are built to help the “hood” it is brother and sister hood.

Comment by Ms. Carter's Strategic Reading 4th block

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