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Objectification is a no-no. by specialkay18
October 27, 2009, 8:54 pm
Filed under: National

Recent fame-found actor, Taylor Lautner, says that he beefed up to prove that he is worthy to play the role of Jacob in the Twilight sequel, New Moon. He’s gained over 30 pounds in muscles, and is famous to almost every woman in America! (Not to mention my mom…& me.) He says he worked hard to get this way, but is now uncomfortable having so much attention focused on his body. “I don’t want to be known for my body, but for my acting,” he says. And a large percentage of women, young and old, could beg to differ!

That is my first point in the fact that this world has become overly objectifying! Guys want girls, and girls want guys! But what about the other qualities in a person? What about the movie Jennifer’s Body? I’ve heard a countless number of males jump at the chance to watch that movie, only because of the seductive role Megan Fox plays! Umm…Ew! (LOL!)

Maybe the Middle East has the right idea. I personally encourage the act of covering one’s body head to toe. Most men and women are visually stimulated, so now how are you going to decide whom you want to “befriend” in a woman or man? Although this would be a fashion crisis to all, am I right? Girls, do you like being talked to because your “lady lumps” happened to stand out to this young man more than anyone else’s? And although I doubt many guys will heed this, or take it in offense, do you…(excuse me for stereotyping, but I’m not even going to ask the males because they have too high of a reputation in not caring. [Truly sorry to those of you who are different.])

Yes, we like feeling attractive…but there is always going to be a brighter color in the next rainbow. But…there will never be a shade as unique as the one that reflects your personality. So…objectification, good or bad? Are there times when it can be considered? Do you think we should mind being objectified or pass it as a compliment?


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